Circle Of Hope K9 Rescue

Home of the All American Mutt

Circle Of Hope K9 Rescue is a 501 (c) 3 non profit organization

Based in West TN with volunteers and foster homes in many States, Circle Of Hope is dedicated to helping bring animals in need together with loving homes. 

In our process we put the needs of our animals first, in this manner we are able to make the best match for both animal and new owner. It's easy to fall in love with a face, however there is much more to a face than pretty looks! There is an entire being behind that face. One who loves and who feels and has his or her own personality and we want to make the best match for them and for you - the potential adopter of one of our pets, 

When you decide to adopt from Circle Of Hope K9 Rescue, you step into a world of a very close knit family. You will have an adoption coordinator to help you through the process and answer all of your questions. In turn they will have questions for you as well. 

Our rural pets who often find themselves in life threatening situations are wonderful loving animals that often only need love, compassion and training to make them an incredibly awesome family pet or best friend.

Volunteers across our rural county and New England have joined together to save animal lives in danger. Although COHK9 focuses on dog rescue and adoption we will help whatever companion animal comes within our ability to help.  They are removed from kill shelters, country roads, abandoned homes, wooded areas and many other places they are left to fend for the themselves.

We begin with a quarantine period of no less than 14 days for a puppy coming into our program. During this time they are watched, loved and cared for. Vaccines, de-worming and socialization are begun and any medical needs are met as well. All animals are altered, given age appropriate vaccines, de-wormed, heartworm tested and wear either Vectra or an equivalent for flea control. No intact animal will go to a new home without the aforementioned procedures unless there is a medical reason.

Often we see dogs with no socialization at all. We consider ourselves a temporary step in a better life. We cannot always give each animal individual training but we do try to the best of our ability to get them started and on their way to being a loving family member.

COHK9 does not have a facility. We work solely from volunteer foster homes. This limits us on space for incoming animals in need and we often must refuse an animal in need. We are always looking for foster homes.  Each placement into a foster or adoptive home makes it possible for us to rescue another dog who may otherwise face the end of its life alone and unloved in a shelter or at risk of starvation by the side of the road.

Circle Of Hope K9 Rescue started as a one person ran rescue in 2002 in Gibson County, located in rural West TN. Over the years with dedicated volunteers COH has grown and expanded to reach out across The United States and Canada.

We have wonderful foster homes in the south and New England that have joined our circle, giving hope to the hopeless, being the voice for the voiceless. Where ever our volunteers are located, we all have the same goal….to save the lives of our thrown away southern animals and find them the best home possible. Where they will be loved and cherished for life.

As we continue to grow we hope to see more and more changes for the better for the souls we feel God has put in our hands to care for. A joined community that will see and help us face the problems in our area and together join with us to educate and learn.

Circle Of Hope K9 Rescue is Chartered with the State Of TN and Licensed in the State Of CT and conforming with other NE states. We are 501 c 3 non profit.

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